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Mr. Joseph Szecsei:

Craftsman, Hunter, Inventor

In the ninth year of life, Joseph Szecsei shouldered a weapon of his own design and took to the hunt in the Imperial Game Preserve of his native Hungary. Thus began a long and successful career as a craftsman and a hunter of dangerous game.

As the owner of many fine quality big bore rifles, Joseph Szecsei took the time to study their construction. His examinations and a hunter's instinct lead him to the conclusion that design changes were in order: changes that would instantly improve the hunter's efficiency and safety.

The introduction of the Szecsei Double Bolt is the fulfilment of a life's work as a hunter and a craftsman. The Szecsei Double Bolt big bore rifle represents the most significant changes to the class in more than a century.

The Szecsei Double Bolt is
certain to be heralded as the
ultimate big bore rifle
anywhere in the world, at any

In 1999, Joseph Szecsei
teamed up with Gerhard Fuchs
(Fuchs Fine Guns) to create a
partnership now known as
Szecsei/Fuchs Fine Guns.

A home shop for a fellow like Joseph Szecsei includes lathe, mill, surface grinder and perhaps anything else he wants.
Joseph Szecsei working at home
No. 7 is an eight-shooter side-by-side in 416 Remington Magnum, and Szecsei works on it himself at home when he can.
Joseph Szecsei working on a rifle
Four Sample Rifles

The classic view of the big-bored double rifle is backed up here by six more quick shots, available with three strokes of the bolt in Szecsei's No. 7 rifle.

Joseph Szecsei with rifle in-hand
Szecsei-Hungarian Flag
Szecsei Double Bolt Patent
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